NWRBMS Regional Burn Model System Personnel

Barclay Stewart, MD, PhD, MPH, Project Director

Barclay Stewart

Barclay Stewart MD has joined the UW Medicine Regional Burn Center and the NWRBMS investigative team.  Dr. Stewart is an Assistant Professor in the UW Department of Surgery.

Dr. Stewart’s research interests are in the areas of health equity, epidemiology, injury prevention, and trauma system development. He is passionate about patient and community engagement in research and turning research findings into action.

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Gretchen Carrougher, RN, MN

Gretchen Carrougher

Gretchen J. Carrougher RN, MN, is a Research Nurse Supervisor in the UW Department of Surgery and is the NWRBMS Program Coordinator. In this role, Ms. Carrougher works with all NWRBMS investigators to successfully manage our research and grant projects.

Ms. Carrougher’s research interests are in the areas of burn nurse competencies, itching, pain control, pain measurement, and employment following a burn injury.

Carly Marincasiu, BS

Carly Marincasiu

Carly graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a Bachelor of Science in Interpersonal Communication Studies, where she focused her research on health communication and intra- and interpersonal relationship dynamics. Upon graduating, she contributed to research aiming to reduce recidivism among justice-involved individuals and promote better access to treatment for substance use disorders. Since joining NWRBMS, Carly has focused her research interests on rehabilitation psychology, trauma, and resilience, with the goal of promoting healthy intra- and interpersonal relationships.

Caitlin Orton, MPH

Caitlin Orton

Caitlin Orton, MPH is a Research Coordinator in the UW Department of Surgery and is a NWRBMS Data Collector. In this role, Ms. Orton engages with NWRBMS participants daily and supports all NWRBMS research and grant projects.

Ms. Orton’s research interests are in the areas of integrated recovery after trauma, increasing the visibility of individuals experiencing homelessness and improving long term public health recovery systems.

Maiya Pacleb, BS

Maiya Pacleb

Maiya graduated from the University of Puget Sound in 2021, and is now working with NWRBMS as a Research Assistant while attending medical school at UW.  She will be leading our cheek swab processing for the Burn Model System.  She is interested in pediatrics, general surgery, or obstetrics and gynecology, but she is excited to explore specialties during medical school. Maiya’s current research interests include health care equity, health literacy, trauma-informed care, social reintegration, and improving patient-physician communication and relationships.