Presentation: The Evolution and Current Framework of Technology-Assisted Recovery

ACRM 98th Annual Conference

As part of of the ACRM 98th Annual Conference, NWRBMS director Barclay T. Stewart, MD PhD (Assistant Professor, University of Washington), Dr. Tam Pham, MD FACS (Professor of Surgery and Director, UW Medicine Regional Burn Center), and Dr. Aaron E. Bunnell, MD (Associate Professor, University of Washington) presented a virtual symposium in September 2021:

The Evolution and Current Framework of Technology-Assisted Recovery

Technology has long played an important role in supporting rehabilitation after illness and injury. However, the technology boom has created new opportunities to deliver treatments in more engaging and multimodal formats using apps, gaming platforms, websites, and robotics. 

However, several aspects of technology-assisted rehabilitation are must be considered to achieve a successful result, including connectivity, culture, acceptance, and expectations. The interplay of the technology, patient, and their environment make selection and prescription of technology-assisted rehabilitation complex.

Learning Objectives:

  • Provide a framework to discuss technology-assisted rehabilitation
  • Describe historic advances in technology-assisted rehabilitation
  • Highlight key features about the changing and complex environment within which technology-assisted rehabilitation is delivered
  • Offer lessons learned about technology-assisted rehabilitation from a randomized trial of a virtual-environment home rehabilitation strategy after burn injury.


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