Coming Soon: New Burn Nurses Certification Exam

BCEN committee
BCEN committee
Committee members Megan Zynkian, Tamara Roberts, Julie Liberio, Cynthia Julian, Chris Lipham, Courtney Holden, Emily Werthman, Katy Baker, Emily Snyder, Angela Drelles, Katie Hollowed, and Gretchen Carrougher

A bit of history…

In 2020, the American Nurses Association recognized burn nursing as a specialty.

In 2021 the American Burn Association Nursing Professional Committee wrote and published Burn Nursing: Scopes and Standards of Practice which outlined competency standards specific to burn nursing.

Fast forward to today… only 18 months since specialty recognition, the first meeting to identify content for a burn nursing certification exam has occurred. Twelve select burn nurses (featured here with Amy Grand MSN, RN/BCEN, center) met last week to begin the process.

The ABA has partnered with the Board of Certification for Emergency Nurses/BCEN to develop a burn nurse certification examination.

Gretchen (left, front row) is our NWRBMS program coordinator. BCEN expects that an exam will be available in 2023.