One Small Step for Nursing; One Giant Leap for Burn Care

American Nurses Association

Please join us and the NW Regional Burn Model System in celebrating the American Nurses Association’s recognition of burn nursing as a specialty!

‘Burn nursing incorporates best practices to promote health and wellness for all who are impacted by burn injury, including the patient, family, support system, and community. Burn nursing also focuses on prevention of injury and associated illness and participates in community reintegration while advocating for populations at risk. Burn nurses determine their own actions through independent choice within the full scope of nursing practice and engage in interprofessional collaboration to optimize the health and function of individuals affected by burn injury and their families with known or predicted financial burden, physiologic, psychological, or social alterations. Burn nursing actively promotes and conducts research to improve best practices and outcomes.

Thank you to Gretchen Carrougher and her American Burn Association nursing colleagues for their diligent determination to make this long over due acknowledgement a reality.

Strong Work!