Am I Ready to Return to Work?

Make sure you are physically and emotionally ready to return to work.

You may have many concerns about going back to work. It is important to consider your concerns and think about how you will prepare yourself to deal with these concerns once you return to work. Some common concerns include:


What can you do to determine if you are ready to return to work?

  • Talk with your health provider about your readiness to return to work.
    He or she can assess your physical condition and help you plan a reasonable time frame for returning to work. Ask yourself the following questions and discuss them with your physician.

    • Have you finished enough of your therapies that you have time to work?
    • Do you have the endurance necessary?
    • Do you have enough support at home to take on tasks that you may have no energy to do once you start working?
    • Are you managing your symptoms like pain, itch and depression well enough to work? (Sometimes working makes it easier to manage these!)
    • Are you ready psychologically? This many be especially important if you were burned on the job.
  • See your health provider regularly and follow through with your treatments and therapies. Success with getting back to work takes active participation on your part.